Deer Park Printing Computer Repair, Website Design and Media Duplication Services

$45 Virus Removal!

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Deer Park Printing also offers Computer Repair and Media Duplication of Files and Media (Local Bands for Media Only).  Quotes are given on a case by case basis to allow for the best price for the individual job.  If Deer Park Printing can't fix the problem, no fee will be charged to you!


These prices are estimates, but generally are close to actual cost of repairs and upgrades.


General Diagnostic ($25 for Defrag, Virus Scan and General Overview)

Additional Ram ($10/Stick + Cost of Ram)

Virus Removal ($45 + Software if Desired)

Hard Drive Exchange ($30 + Cost of Hard Drive)

Software Installation ($30/Hour + Cost of Software)

Video Card Installation ($25 + Cost of Video Card)

Various Card Exchange ($25 + Cost of Card Necessary)


Media Duplication requires some paperwork to be filled out and also some prior communication to make sure you have proper documentation and rights to any music you wish to be placed onto CD's.  Batches start at 50 CD's for printed or LightScribed at around $1.50/CD for the CD only but as the quantity increases there are price breaks.  Deer Park Printing can also provide you with cases and inserts.  A lead time of 2 weeks is preferred to purchase all items required at the best possible price for you.



Contact John at for Computer Repair and Media Duplication quotes.